Faux Mermaid

Hours in the shower were never enough

To cleanse me from the life I’d lived

The life I failed

Daily baptisms offered no relief

I still felt unchanged. Unclean.

So I sold all I had

And built a life on the ocean

The sky being my roof

Surrounded by my blue garden

And every day I dived

A little deeper each time

Held my breath for a while

Until I felt alive

You can’t see my tears if I’m underwater

And that was all I’d required

From time to time I’d miss the ground

But it was no longer what I desired.

The earth between my toes

Became a memory I dismissed

My flesh wanted to get out and walk

But my mind wouldn’t allow it

One day I made it

To the bottom of the sea, my new resting place, my sanctuary

And there I sat, salt stinging my eyes

Submerged with my thoughts until fate decides

whether I rise to the surface, gasping for another try

Or lay my head to rest at the bed of the ocean

Mind at war with my body till one backed down

I call it peace

But they’d say I drowned.

Black Panther

Black Panther

Black excellence

Black magic

Black hope

Black power

Black royalty

Black pride

Black love

Black are my eyes from the mascara coated tears running down my cheeks as I watch my people


Create beauty before

My eyes

Melanin in abundance dances round the screen

Speaking volumes to my soul


We are strong

We are wise

We are empowered

We are more than enough

We are art

We are brave

We are peace

We are free

We are one.


Digital Silence

You know that screen in your hand?

The one so high in demand 

Consuming most of your time

Time you can never rewind 

Put it down for a sec 

Lay the addiction to rest

Shift your focus from everyone else

And begin to reconnect with yourself 


Love yourself…

No, not the Instagram version of yourself

The squeaky-clean, “”flawless” because you photoshopped out that annoying pimple on your right cheek” self

Not the cute doggy-face Snapchat self

Not the well thought out angle-d self

Not the “best one out of the 36 selfies you took to get that shot” self

I mean, feel free to love all the above versions, but please leave some love for

The real you

The imperfect, unfiltered, beautiful self